zollikon Type

1. This is the display version of the font Intro. It is a sans serif geometric font which, it should be a good deal more masculine than the previous font, Sentinel. Also in contrast this is in all caps which gives it a bit more weight and also could be used in some dynamic lock ups which you will see in the last gallery on this page.

2. Intro Black Italic. Similar characters to the previous but in italics which you liked from previous Sentinel.

3. Rockwell Std. Extra Black. This slab serif font has a ton bunch of personality.

4. Garamond Pro Bold. A classic serif font.

5. These are some examples of potential lockups with Display Intro. I have them displayed here with some supporting imagery and secondary type. I know y'all said you are considering changing the tagline but I just threw it in there to show how it would look. Same with the sub icons of the Cross and Triquetra I used them to show where something could go, but if another symbol would better represent or you would prefer not to use anything just let me know.