widespread panic - columbia sc posters



This idea focuses on one of Columbia's most popular features - the historical gervais street bridge and the congaree river. The idea is these giant, psychedelic snakes (snakes are common around the river) are wrapped around the bridge, when you put the 2 posters together it looks like they're fighting each other. The snakes would have intricate colorful patterns on them, and the background a warm contrasting sunset gradient. This direction has tons of room to develop nice little details throughout. 



This concept is centered around the idea of 'winter in the south'. The most notable thing about winter in the south is that one day it will be freezing cold and then the next day it could be 70 degrees and sunny. These mandala-style illustrations would play off this contrast by incorporating cold elements (snowflakes, etc) and warm elements (flames, warm colors). This would be done in a midcentury geometric illustration style, with lots of detailed line work and patterns. One of the posters could be done with predominantly cool colors (light blues, greens, etc) and the other could be inverted with warm colors (yellows, oranges, etc). When combined into one image the eyeballs in the center combine to make a sort of strange mask/face. 



This direction is a little more abstract, and would be more focused on color and shape than the other two. Each poster would be composed of these melty, trippy abstract blobs full of different colors and patterns. When you put the two posters together, the shapes would make a heart (the shows are on valentines weekend after all). We could print this one with CMYK process colors and achieve a huge range of colors and tones, really bringing this print to life.