turkuaz new shirt options


Here are a handful of other font options we thought could work well - note that the rainbow shirts don't have the texture & weathering applied in the last round, this would be added after a font is chosen. 

turkuaz apparel graphics

Here's the final art for the shirts - mocked up a bunch of different color combos/options for y'all to look at. 

Starting with the diamond design in full color, this would be a 6 color print:

Here is a 2 color version of the same design:

Here are a few different variations of the rainbow design on both dark & light shirts:

These would also look super cool on a classic ringer tee:

turkuaz apparel concepts

Here's a bunch of different ideas for the shirts - loved all of that vintage funk reference you sent over, I think any of these ideas would look absolutley killer done in a style inspired by all of that stuff. Think goofy retro fonts, bright 70s inspired color palletes, etc. I think we could make any of these look like hand me downs from your cool uncle.  

Keep in mind these are just super rough sketches at this point - just trying to convey the idea at this point, moving forward the work will be a lot more refined and cool lookin'

This first idea is a classic 70's cadillac - the band name is blended into a trippy psychadelic swirl of colors coming out the back.

Inspired by 70s funk, disco, and hip hop flyers - bold, thick lines and bright colors would make this one pop. 

This idea is a callback to the classic 99.5 radio stickers 

Some chunky, funky, type inspired by vintage album art. 

This one would have more of a late 70s, early 80s postmodern pop art kind of feel - bold graphic lines and shapes making up an abstract composition.

A bright explosion of color and energy!

Some swanky disco-style script. Could be cool with some airbrush effects!

Same script as above, but this time as a rip of the classic disco boogie sounds album covers.

super classic 1970s style letters. the 3d part would be bright rainbow colors.

inspired by all of those cool STEREO bars on the tops of vintage LPs

A trippy psychadelic eye in the middle of some swirling color blocks - surrounded by type in a classic lockup.