Vista Round 2

The name of the game this round is flexibility. Everything you will see can be locked up in multiple ways for many different applications. Unlike last round these marks don't try and represent anything specific but rather hint at the quality of the Vista. Simple and bold, elite but not elitist, fancy but not over the top.

Please feel free to comment on the marks, concepts and type separately or together. The galleries are navigated by clicking the image or using the arrows to either side to the images.

1. Not unlike the C Arts District logo you mentioned in the feed back these next few galleries celebrate the Vista defining letter "V". Again we were aiming for simple bold lines for a sophisticated, established look. We made this version asymmetrical for a more edgy feel. You could even say the intersecting lines mimic city streets.

2. Here is the symmetrical version of the previous mark. Symmetry creates balance which is pleasing to the eye. This gallery also demonstrates how these "V" marks can be used as the first letter in "vista" for the horizontal lockups.

3. This and the 4th gallery abstract the "V" into a triangle, the strongest of all shapes. The pattern within creates visual interest and most certainly an edgy vibe.

4. Another mark using the triangle, but this time utilizing a spiral effect to create visual curiosity and multiple "V"'s in the process. Another interesting idea would be to create a set of these patterned triangles to be used in the brand. They would be similar enough to not make a diluted brand but also different to reflect all the different things the Vista has to offer.

5. This concept is in early stages but offers a softer approach than the previous examples.

6. Here is a concept that really hits on the "hip, cool, artsy place to visit" aspect of the Vista. It adds a bit more fun and lightheartedness.

7. This is a very bold and simple example of the triangle concept from 3 and 4. This is presented to show volume instead of pattern.

8. This mark was shown in the last round with its abstracted landscape. It is here in round 2 with type to demonstrate its ability to be flexible.