The Vista Round 1

After reading through the questionnaires we created a reference sheet focusing on the popular/overlapping answers. From this cross referencing we determined that the main focus, in terms of subject matter, should be the larger over arching themes: Distinct architecture, strong art roots, proximity to the Congaree River. The popular adjectives (Genuine, exciting, creative, inclusive etc,) will be addressed through execution in the next rounds.

This first round is going to be very rough sketching to find a good starting point. We know that typography is going to be very important to this project and have intentionally left it off this round, any type you do see is purely for placement. We find that folks can get distracted and influenced by type.

Below are some small groups of images increasing in abstraction, note the arrow boxes on the sides to navigate.

1. The above group takes directly from one questionnaire answer "I always imagined an image that starts from the River looking up towards the state house as our brand." This is a pretty common theme among historic district logos, we would need to take care in the style and execution to stand out, in addition to unique type.

2. This group is getting slightly less literal. The depiction of Gervais St is gone but we still have the Capital. This group also demonstrates how these sketches progress into more finished works.

3. This third group shows one more level of abstraction. With no use of landmarks, the main themes are being represented by lines and shapes. Execution, color and type will be key in this direction, relying on emotion rather than recognition.

4. Stripped down to a few lines this is is the most iconic of the groups. This could produce some interesting results paired with the correct type and color.