TEESY PT 3 (12.6.16)

Picking back up from where we left last time - you liked the triangle shape, with softer corners, and the extended type style - here are some more typography explorations based on this feedback. I also simplified the junction of the T while still trying to maintain a feeling of the lines weaving together. Once we nail this part down we can dive into secondary typography, color schemes, layouts, all the fun stuff that will really make this thing come to life. 


A simple, clean geometric type treatment. Probably the most buttoned-up & conservative option. A very classy and clean look that gives a strong impression.



Getting a little funkier with a rounded E and Y. 

Below is the mark/type with fully rounded edges - gives it a friendlier vibe but also further abstracts the T shape I think. 


Type further abstracted - the stacked E's are reminiscent of lists, spreadsheet cells, etc... This version has a much more tech/scifi feel to it. The typography is unique enough that it could easily stand alone as a secondary logo. 

again, same type as above with the fully rounded mark. 

TEESY PT 2 (8.31.16)

Just exploring these shapes some more - thought it could be cool to give the converging lines a woven effect, kind of a subtle nod at fabric/apparel and the idea of a net gathering data. Tried a ton of different container shapes just to see what worked, my favorite right now is the first image below but let us know which ones you're into.

Below are some initial lock up tests.  Messing around with type - a nice chunky extended eurostile gives the brand a strong, classic industrial feel while still looking techy (in a throwback kind of way). Paired with a bold and simple color scheme it could work really well I think. I added E Pluribus Unum as a placeholder for some secondary text, either a slogan or a URL or something could work here. Actually, E Pluribus Unum (from many, one) does kind of work with how the app functions... 

teesy rough concepts

So here are just a ton of ideas for the Teesy mark. Think of these as digital sketches at this point, just pushing shapes around the artboard and seeing if anything jumps out. I was trying to think about the most basic function of the app - gathering data from several disparate sources and presenting it in an easy to use way. I thought about imagery and ideas that could represent the idea of gathering, collating, funneling, compling. Things like nets, rakes, funnels - objects used to gather things. Not all of these sketches relate to those ideas but I guess just try to keep that in mind when looking at them.