Eclipse Poster 2017

Below we have added an update on the poster.

Everything is fully rendered now, there may be some adjustments or tweaks but for the most part I would call this final (barring any feedback or edits).

Based on your feedback regarding the corona, I made its reach slightly bigger but made it much fuller around the rim of the moon, as well as removed the dark ring between the moon and corona (replacing it instead with a gradient fade into the moon, to make the corona stand out). You will also see below that I put three mocks that show the moon in three different sizes: same from sketch, one at about 90%, and 75% . Is this close to what you were expecting? (this is an easy edit if you had something else in mind.)

To make it a tad more educational I replaced the SC icon between the place and date with the phases of eclipse.

This digital mock up should adequately show you the idea for the poster, and the effects of the metallic on dark paper. This angle of the museum seems to be the best choice for showing the planetarium and observatory, the final illustration would be real tight and clean, I think the planetarium will look especially cool inside all that glass! The copy is quite plain at the moment but I envision the type to have a futuristic/scientific feel. The stylized depiction of the eclipse may receive some tweaks but is pretty much the way it would appear on the final. As I have it now the yellow areas would be metallic gold, and the grey would be metallic silver there is also a transparent black to help with shading and the glass effect around the observatory.