Here's another idea for the poster - really excited about this one - a landscape scene inspired by columbia featuring landmarks like the gervais street bridge, and the statehouse - this direction gives us tons of opportunities to add little details. I think if we executed it in a bit of a looser style than last year it could be really cool, we would use similar bright, springy colors. Also since this idea has tons of little pieces it would be easy to pull them out and rearrange them for the invite and shirts. 


Here's a quick concept sketch for this year's poster - The idea is to have a cool illustration of the state house being overgrown by bright, vibrant flowers, insects, and other fun spring-summery kind of stuff. This direction gives us tons of opportunities to sneak little musical references into the poster. Keep in mind this is just a rough sketch at this point to communicate the idea to yall - let me know how you're feeling about it and we can go ahead and get the ball rolling!