UPDATE  PART 2: Here are a few options with a closer shot of the figures - I would recommend keeping everybody facing the inside for 2 reasons - first it works better with the little red riding hood story where they both go to meet the wolf/grandma, and also people will generally follow the eyeline of a figure, so if they are looking outside of the frame you look outside of it too, whereas if they are looking inside it leads your eye through the rest of the triptych. But if you guys are more into them facing out, we can definitely do that! As far as Townes goes in the center - the final print will for sure have more detail of him dressed up as the grandmother (maybe a bonnet and a nightgown?) If you guys have any reference photos of him you could send over it would definitley help us with the likeness. Actually if you could send profile shots of Cary & Michael too that would be great! If not I'm sure we can track something usable down on google. 

UPDATE: Here's our take on the Red Riding Hood concept y'all suggested. This would be executed in a kind of whimsical / folksy style (think vintage childrens books, old cowboy cartoons, stuff like that). Another cool thing about how these are set up is that you could mix & match them and they would still line up (i.e. night 1 + night 3 together still make a complete image) 



We really liked the idea of pulling inspiration from playing cards - we ran with that and came up with this cards-based triptych featuring Cary and Michael as queen and king. An ornate ace of spades ties the two of them together. These would all share the same colors and would look great separate and together. This is still in the early sketching/concept phase, the final piece would be much more detailed and refined!

For a little more insight on the sketch-to-final transformation, here is the sketch and final print for an Avett Brothers triptych we did earlier this year. The sketch really serves as a reference for placement, spacing, and general content more than anything. 


A classic 45 label with an adapter - we could print it on a black shirt and have some texture for the grooves around the label.

Inspired by the lyrics to Unknown Legend - this would be a cool 70s easy rider style illustration of a biker chick on a harley cruising through the desert, using earth tones and a southwestern inspired color palette. 

A rework of the classic jukebox labels that let you know which tune you were picking - we would make it look just like an old crusty tag that got scanned in, rough and weathered like its been sitting in a dive somewhere for the past 30 years.

This idea is along the same lines of the poster concept - a stylish and ornate ace of spades recalling the golden age of vegas.

A busted jukebox, with the band name on the song selection pages - could have fun with 'setting the scene' of this illustration with various props (cigarette, beer, maybe a guitar leaning against the jukebox?) 

A cool, classic type treatment - executed in the style of a neon sign. Also attaching an example of another neon-style type treatment we recently did.