phish charleston poster

Here are two different options for the poster.



This is still very much a work in progress at this point, we still need to do the typography, add more defined textures and shading. The background will be swirling, splashing, graphic water, inspired by old Japanese wood cuts.  Colors are subject to change as well. We are really excited about the direction this is headed!



Here's where we are with the tour shirt, showing it as a 4 color print, or a simple 1 color print.



A few new ideas for this poster inspired by the lowcountry. I think all of these would look really awesome executed in a bold, geometric style with some super bright colors. 

Phish - Charleston SC diptych

Here are a few concepts for the Charleston poster... 

This first idea references Rainbow Row - a group of brightly painted historic houses in Charleston, and a quintessential landmark of the area. Our idea would be to put a cool twist on the image and render it in a super bright psychadelic style influenced by old Peter Max illustrations. The houses would be surrounded by these giant colorful flowers and plants - kind of a visual metaphor for the band coming to town and blanketing the city with their vibes. 

The idea here is a dense, detailed, nature-inspired manadala design. The band name is front and center and surrounded by a variety of small elements influenced by the low country. These could be insects, leaves, feathers, shells, and other little odds and ends referencing the region. Each poster would have different things making up the mandala, and by sharing colors would complement each other really well. I think this direction would look great illustrated in a bold, graphic, geometric type of style. 

A fun, low-country battle royale. This direction could be done in a similar style to the Mansfield poster we did earlier. The gator and shark would be illustrated in bright, bold colors, with the background converging in the center to create a swirling sense of movement to really draw the viewer in. A cool geometric border ties both images together even more, and a custom type treatment ties it all together. These would work really well by themselves, but the image really comes alive when put together. 


Here are a handful of ideas riffing on the wild west theme you had mentioned, these could all be done in a similar style to the tropical skull shirt you liked.