Here's the final for the mansfield poster - it is a 4 color 18x24 print on manilla tag. 


Here is another option with a different background:

PHISH  poster concepts

Here are a few rough ideas for the poster - the venue is smack dab in the middle of the Great Woods Conservation area, a huge piece of protected land full of animals and plants and all that great nature stuff - we thought this would be a great jumping off point for the poster concept. 

This idea would be a forest scene with a bright sunrise shining overhead - the geometric trees would be chock full of wildlife emerging from different parts, it could be fun to play with the perspective of where they are popping out of to give the poster a little more visual interest. 


The concept here is a mash-up of two different images, the central bird image, with a treeline emerging where the tips of its wings would be - executed properly this poster could have a nice 'ah-ha' moment that makes the viewer do a double take. Once again bright, bold colors would really make it pop.  


Here is a more abstract, weird direction, a surreal ghostly character rising up above the trees excaiming its love for the band. The trees could be made up of a huge variety of collaged textures, giving this poster tons of visual interest and depth - the kind of thing you could see a million times and still pick out new little details you hadn't noticed. 


The idea here is just your classic campfire with the band name appearing in the smoke. Through careful shading and lighting effects this poster could have a really great ethereal, woodsy mood to it. It could also be fun to include some more details and wildlife surrounding the campfire. 


Another surreal play on perspective, inspired by Magritte. A fun, goofy bigfoot-style character emerging from behind a dense and whimsical forest playing the guitar. This concept has tons of potentials for fleshing out little details in the flora and fauna surrounding the central figure.