Here is the final art for the poster - it's a 4 color print using transparent inks, really excited to see these guys printed up! 


The passage of time seemed to be a central theme to the record, and I thought a sunrise/sunset over the blue ridge could be a really cool way to represent this while giving the poster a real NC feel. This direction would be really cool executed in a bold, minimal style where we really let the color, simple forms, and textures do the heavy lifting.  See a quick color study below to get a feel for it! 

This direction involves three rickety secluded hobo shacks in the hills, the smoke billowing from the chimney connects the images and contains the type. Lots of opportunity here for little details and some fun layering of different textures and surfaces. A more sketchy, hand-drawn treatment could be cool here. 

This idea was sparked when reading the press release for Blindfaller

"Lean in to Mandolin Orange's new album, Blindfaller, and it's bound to happen. You'll suddenly pick up on the power and devastation lurking in its quietude, the doom hiding beneath its unvarnished beauty."

'A snake in the grass' is a common idiom meaning a hidden threat, lying in plain sight. This idea has tons of opportunity to play with color and shape - a knot of different colored and patterned snakes nestled together into the grass. The image takes on a really neat graphic, almost pattern-like quality that will look killer when printed.