Light Provisions Glass Label

It is hard to tell by looking at it, but the glass is ever so slightly tapered (rim has a diameter of 3.125" and the bottom is 3.25"). So unfortunately, without a custom die cut, the label will not line up after wrapping around. I added some examples of this below.

1. Below shows a straight band of paper wrapping the glass. You see how the tapered shape of the glass causes the exterior ends to misalign when they meet.

Here is a still from the video (where i had the band over lap) and a mock up of what it would look like if the label were to meet.) I will also say that other clients have complained about the difficulty of lining up labels that wrap completely around.

2. Here is a solution that gets the warning on the same label but would been seen on the side of the glass rather than the back. It is mocked up here with a second vignette on the left to mirror the one containing the warning. It is filled with a brief description of the company (pulled from the site). This left side could obviously be filled with other info or directions or completely left off.

We basically treated this as if we were actually doing a high end spirit label. The focus is on the details, intricate boarders and dynamic container shapes really help in giving the label an aesthetic deserving of the adjectives you listed in the form. (vintage, masculine, artisanal, ornate, luxury, woody, dignified, art deco) - perhaps "wood" coming in last place.

This is mocked up at 2"x6" which is a .25" more shorter than the 9oz label.


3. This design is very similar to the first but shows what adding some tonal value to the colors could do in terms of depth and a sense of volume.

This mock-up would use a front and back label, and shows what rounded corners would look like if we found an affordable print option (some printers have stock corner dies.)


4. Yet another take on the label with some small differences, most noticeably the containers for the burn time. This would particular mock would also require a back label, but could easily be used the same way as the first half-wrap mock.