Here's an update with clouds and sunrays added in to fill up that space.


Here's where we're at with the Charleston poster. Really happy with how this one came out, I think these will look incredible in person!  Don't let all the whitespace scare you - We tried a few different things in the sky, but ultimately decided this direction gives it a really nice vintage/midcentury feeling. I'm also including a few other options for color schemes - could be cool to do a variant with these! 

ray lamontagne charleston concepts

This first idea would depict Botany Bay, a well known spot near charleston full of wildlife and mangled dead trees. We would use bold, simple shapes and colors to create a really fun and graphic illustration. Some vintage surf inspired type would round it off up top. I think that a style similar to an art crank poster  we did last year could work really well for this concept. 

This idea is a sort of natural mandala - band name and show info would be dead center, with a colorful variety of leaves, insects, feathers, and other neat little nature inspired things surrounding it. It could be cool to play with some lighting effects so it looks like everything is actually laying on the paper, kind of like a shadowbox or something. 

Another local reference - Charleston is known as 'the holy city' due to the amount of historic churches downtown. In this poster we would illustrate one of the most well known steeples with these giant psychadelic flowers growing all over it. Bright and bold colors would really make this print pop, think light blues, lime greens, bright oranges, etc... This print would also be executed in a unique vertical format, something like 12x24.