Houston Llew Round 2

Hopefully I addressed all the points from the feedback:

1. The fonts from the first comps were Brandon Grotesque for the headlines and Gotham for body copy. I often find that Brandon Grotesque can give off a friendly approachable look but still seem authentic and professional. The comps below all feature Garamond Pro (Bold for headlines and regular for body copy).

2. All the worn edges have be switched to the tile edge you sent over.

3. The darker blue has be changed to a low opacity 95% black.

4. Collection page is back to white background. I played around with the layout of the tiles, giving the type some more room. The images are still in the same order and the copy is just place holder for the moment. This one has 78 and has the room to go up to 81.

5. Removed the URL from the interior page.

The images on this page should be okay to get an idea of over all look, but please use the link below to get a closer look.

High Res PDF