mike gordon bulrington, vt

Here is the final art for the poster - the electrified bass idea go me thinking it could be cool to turn the entire shack into one giant bass speaker, I think these will look really great printed. 


This first direction is a serene scenic cabin in the forest. This idea would look really great executed in a simple graphic, geometric style with minimal color. 

Inspired by Champy, the sea monster in Lake Champlain that has been sighted by various people since the 70s. This poster depicts champy carrying Mike out into the lake. The exagerated zig zag pose of the monster gives it a great graphic quality, and a prime canvas to create some really interesting patterns and effects. 

A mysterious little hobo shanty on stilts hidden in the woods - a figure sits on the porch strumming the guitar while colorful smoke pours out of the chimney forming Mike's name. This image could work really well with a looser, sketchier illustration style. Lighting and color could really set an interesting mood here.