Emerson Custom 1

I have found that for product packaging tradition pencil sketches are sometime a disservice to good concept. Because of that I like to take the scribbles on paper and at least tighten them out in Illustrator before showing.

We went through all information you sent over, previewed all your products on your site and Instagram and considered what you liked from our work to come up with a proposed concept.

Considering how you guys operate and your work ethic, we felt that some form of vintage/modern would work well for the labels. In addition, have components that can be easily moved and manipulated would be beneficial in creating the different versions of label.

Layout and aesthetic were the main focus of this round. Because of that we just created a version of the three panel label.

These are some secondary assets created from tag lines found on the current label or on the site.


Label Mock

Here is the label before application, many of the fonts selected are either free or reasonably inexpensive since you will be needing to update these on your end.


Box Top

I know you guys are using white boxes but thought a craft box also looks good with the label, so I wanted so show a couple of these mock up on craft. There is an isometric 3D mock at the end on a white box.

I also threw in some alternate color schemes to show how easy it could be to switch it up between kits and pedals or even every product.


Box Front


3D Mock Up