Good For A Good Time tour poster concepts

Here are a few different rough concepts for the poster. Keep in mind that these are just sketches meant to communicate the general idea and a rough layout of everything - once we settle on a direction these will be refined and developed further into the final product! 

This would be a colorful and bright rural farm scene with a big guitar worked into the landscape. This idea has lots of possibilities to sneak fun little details into it. 

Drawing inspiration from classic western motifs and folk art, this idea would be executed in a bold and geometric style with lots of nice little details worked in. The bee is a reference to 'homegrown honey'. 

Another version of the same concept, this time with a cowboy skull as the central image instead of the bee. An edgier but still fun take on the idea. 

This concept was inspired by the song 'You, me, and my guitar'. A dark, moody night scene featuring darius sitting on the end of a dock in the moonlight. Through color and lighting this one could have a really nice ambiance. We could also add a girl to the dock to be more in line with the song, I just thought there was something nice about the lone figure. With this being a night time scene, it could be possible to do some neat special effects using glow in the dark ink!