COA round 1 sketches

After reading through the questionnaire and doing some research on the Coa de Jima, other mezcalerias/agave bars and just agave culture in general we started to get some idea down on paper. The very first thing we noticed is what a great word 'coa' is from a design standpoint. It is balanced, symmetrical, has similar letter forms and the human brain finds things in odd numbers more pleasing to the eye. It's even fun to say.

With that said you will see that we really tried to work the type into the design rather than just have a font accompanying an icon.

Some of the sketches below will be followed by a digitized version. We sometimes take a sketch or two a little further to better show what a sketch can translate to.

1. This idea really has fun with the type to create an unusual and memorable composition. The abstracted agave is chunky and has a similar weight to the type. The bold shapes almost make seem as if it was a old wood block cut.

2. This is a more modern and hip concept. Extremely clean lines, this one emphasizes the celebration of all things agave.

3. This version is similar to the first but uses symmetry and balance as it's main attraction. The type is sleek and a bit more modern than the slightly rustic appeal of the first sketch.