bourbon merchandise concepts 

Here are a few ideas we have been kicking around for Bourbon merchandise. Bourbon is a high end brand dedicated to quality food and drinks, and is a huge step above your run-of-the-mill bar & grill. We think that the merchandise presented by the restaurant needs to reflect this - what can we do that is above and beyond your normal t-shirts and koozies that every bar has?

custom playing cards

An intricately designed custom deck of cards would be perfect for Bourbon - what goes better with whiskey than blackjack? This project could range from high-end utilizing custom foil stamps and various printing processes, to a pretty straightforward deck with bourbon logos on it. We would have these produced through the American Playing Card Company, who create casino-quality decks for tons of different brands.


A small, pocket-sized notebook where you could record tasting notes on the different bourbon's you have tried - this could include spaces for what type, where you had it, when you had it, and then space to write your thoughts on it. These could be produced by Scout Books, who we have worked with before with great results.

official bourbon bartending guide

Inspired by your classic cocktail recipe book, we could work together to create an updated modern version, full of recipes for custom drink creations and entertaining tips. We could have these produced with a nice embossed linen book cloth cover, with elegantly laid out interiors full of quality illustrations and photographs of the drinks. 


Bourbon already has the standard bar matchbooks for smokers - we thought it could be a great idea to produce a box of long matches more suited for practical home applications like lighting grills, fireplaces, candles, etc...


Lapel pins would be a great piece for the mature, professional bourbon aficionado. Enamel pins have also seen a resurgence among younger DIY types, they look great on a blazer or a punk rock jean jacket. Pins are fairly inexpensive produce and could easily be sold for 10+ dollars retail.


We could create cool, stylish illustrations showing various drink recipes (either classic recipes or original Bourbon recipes). These could be screenprinted on some nice paper in a standard frame size (11x14 comes to mind) - similar to the kitchen conversion print we sold a few years ago. 

bourbon swizzle sticks

Custom swizzle sticks used to be in every bar and speakeasy - a branded Bourbon drink stirrer could be a neat little souvenir and conversation piece in the restaurant.


Kind of a strange idea but something that could be really awesome I think - a custom smashed penny machine stocked with Bourbon-inspired designs. The mere presence of one of these implies that Bourbon is not just another restaurant, but a destination that you have to visit. The machines I've found would cost about $4k but there really isn't any cost to maintain or operate it, and you could recoup that money from the machine eventually.

custom bar key

Not quite as glamorous or fancy as some of the above concepts, but a custom engraved Bourbon bar key could be a great merch item, and you could use them at the bar.