Barrier Island Oyster Co. 2

So I put together a ton of images for you guys to look through.

1. Removed the swirls in the sky.

2.Cleaned up Neptune illustration. You can see in the first detail shot, eliminated any sharp ridged corners to make it more flow-y and organic.

3. Played with the wave forms to better match the overall feel of the surrounding elements. This also effects the container shape of the round lockup.

4. Made sure everything had a location somewhere on there.

5. Created a horizontal lockup.

6. I didn't spend an exorbitant amount of time on color but threw some in there, along with some slightly distressed or weathered versions of the logo.

a. detail

a. detail

b. These next two slide shows contain examples of the new wave forms and corresponding container shapes. The first green one displays the rolling wave form with offset crests. The second blue one im calling stacked, where the crests line up vertically.

The slides show alternate container versions. 

Other details to consider are: Logos on the white have a bit more breathing room with two fewer birds. The white logo on colored backgrounds sport a curl on the waves.

c. Here are some beat up and colorized versions.


d. Horizontal lock up with the two wave versions. Note the different versions of location (CHS vs Wadmalaw Isle.)

e. Some possible secondary simple graphics that happened, and various mock ups.