Here's where we are with the Lincoln poster - right now it is set up to be a 4 color print, lots of fun little details in this one, I think they will look awesome printed! 

Had to add some authentic hobo graffiti to the boxcar - these are some well known monikers commonly found on boxcars.


Lincoln is a suburb of Sacramento, which is known as 'the city of trees' - This direction is a riff on that, with the bulk of the image being a cool pattern-like illustration of a forest executed in a photocollage style. The show is in the early fall so we could use all those nice warm autumn colors, rich yellows, oranges, reds and browns. 

This idea is a sort of nature mandala theme. The band name and show info goes front and center, while simple geometric illustrations of local floral & fauna radiate out of it. We could use subtle shading and lighting effects to make it look like the objects are actually laying on the paper, giving it a nice amount of depth and visual interest. This would be illustrated in a style similar to what we did for the Baltimore posters. 

Sacramento also houses the Railroad Museum of California - so we thought that a rail-themed print could be appropriate. This would be a rusty, crusty old boxcar rambling down the line. The band name and show info is painted on the car like a railroad logo and reporting marks. A mysterious hobo silhouette is hanging out the open door strumming a guitar. It could be cool to have two figures implying that it is scott & seth in the car.